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Nāpua reserves the right to change the price of its services at any time. Any orders placed prior to this change cannot be amended to the revised price.


  • Recurring 4 x week plan: This package has a minimum commitment time of 8 weeks, after those weeks are up, you may;

    Put in a 2-week cancellation notice via email when you wish to finish up your membership. (Must be 2 active training weeks, cannot be during any holding/holiday/injury periods.)

    Your package will continue to run until you put forward your cancellation request.

    Cancellations must be done via email to I will also follow up with a phone call conversation just to check-in and confirm.

    Regarding holidays:

    You have 2 weeks of holidays to use in the year. 

    Please note: We need at least one week’s notice to organise your holiday suspensions.

    Your package will continue up as normal after this so you will not need to re-sign up!

  • Individual classes:

    Classes must be purchased in advance.

    Please note: there are no refunds once a class is purchased. You can do a make-up class for the following week, provided you give 24 hours’ notice prior to the start time of the booked class.


Class COVID restrictions

Please make sure you wash your hands prior to each session and bring your own water, towel, pāreu (sarong) and hand sanitiser. 


Nāpua will NOT provide a third party with contact details, including email addresses, at any time. Nāpua will not publish or display members’ contact or financial information.


Members of Nāpua will be contacted directly by us for a variety of service and/or marketing reasons. Such communication will include but is not limited to Special Offers and Updates, Newsletter, and Service Announcements. Such contact will be via normal email. It is the responsibility of each Nāpua member to ensure that personal contact information, particularly the email address is kept current and valid.

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